The National Weather Service is reporting that several bands of snow are headed towards the mountain passes and valleys of western Montana.

Meteorologist Stefanie Henry said the system should be arriving Saturday night, and remaining through Monday morning.

"It's a rather potent system that will bring a series of snow systems to begin in the mountain passes and then start to lower snow levels down to the valley floors possibly Sunday evening into Monday," Henry said. "Missoula will probably start as a rain-snow mix on Saturday evening into Sunday morning, but we could see some snow accumulations over the weekend that could come to one to four inches by Monday morning."

Henry said much greater snow amounts are expected on the mountain passes.

"We're expecting much higher amounts in the Bitterroot Mountains," she said. "Those that are traveling over the mountain passes such as Lookout, Lost Trail and Lolo, those will be the most impacted by the system, and we're probably expecting at least a foot of snow for those locations."

Henry said anyone traveling over the mountain passes over the weekend into next Monday should expect hazardous travel conditions.

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