A recent study that was funded by the Swedish Government proves how effective a six hour work day can be.

The did a study where they followed a group of nurses who worked at a retirement home. They had the nurses go to a six hour work day while getting paid what they would for an 8 hour work day. They found that they were not only healthier but happier.

On May 12, 2016 Lily Feinn wrote an article for bustle.com about the study. The six hour work day showed improvements in physical and emotional health for the employees, the test group was sick half as much as the control group, and were nearly three times less likely to take time off two weeks in a row. The nurses were said to be 20 percent happier overall, and the residents participation in activities increased by 64 percent.

Unfortunately I do not see this catching on in America or many other countries either. Montana's work longer shifts then 8 hours a lot of the time anyway. I do not see the state government mandating this. Although a nice thought I just don't see it happening.



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