Just as ever father is, Tim McGraw is very protective of his daughters. He isn't going to let any boy take his any of his daughters out without laying down some ground rules first. He was doing an interview with Extra and mentioned there are seven rules that every boy must follow if he wants to take out his daughters.

1. “They have to come to the house.”

2. “They have to meet me.”

3. “They have to pick them up.”

4. “They have to come inside.”

5. “They have to talk to me.”

6. “They have to talk to their mom.”

7. “No honking and running out.”

All the rules seem pretty reasonable to me, although I have no desire to date his daughters. I would be so nervous if I had to go shake his hand before taking his daughter out. Did your dad have any rules about guys dating you? Or dad's, do you have any rules for boys wanting to date your daughter?

It's not a Tim McGraw song, but this song says it all.