When I was growing up I remember we had dinner as a family most nights, and on Sunday it wasn't an option we had dinner together, as a family. That is probably why I love A little Italian restaurant in New York called Lebro's. They are offering customers 10% off on Sundays for turning off their smartphones during meals.

Lebro’s owner Lee Federiconi tells the NY Daily News: “People took to it immediately. There really wasn’t any kind of pushback. I think people saw it as a kind of necessity these days. Why do you even go out to dinner? It’s a one chance to have one-on-one conversation with somebody. And now it’s so hard to do even that. This was just a little challenge to get people reconnecting. As a kid growing up in an Italian family, Sunday was always family day. And I see that for a lot of other people, too. So that’s why ... ”

I love this idea! I hope businesses in Montana adopt this policy.

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