It was a unique restaurant with menu items that you found nowhere else in the Bitterroot Valley. And Chef Nico made each meal with the French expertise he learned in his home in France before he came to Montana. For ten years, "A Taste of Paris" cafe became a favorite stop for people who were showing off what Hamilton had to offer to those who looking for something unique and tasty.

Across from the U.S. Post Office on North 4th in Hamilton, the establishment had regular dining hours and provided large group gatherings with their specialty offerings. And, you could purchase special crockery and other items in the gift area of the business.

But, along came the pandemic and then a general staffing problem at cafes and restaurants throughout the country. Chef Nico shortened the operating hours and then finally closed the doors. Many of the furnishings have already been sold, but still available are such items as commercial kitchenware, a cabaret license, a commercial oven, some of Chef Nico's cookware, along with Spanish clay pottery items, and cups and glasses. A closeout sale is this Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Chef Nico said, "I am grateful to my wonderful customers who have been supporting this restaurant for many years and especially during the pandemic year." He enjoyed creating the dishes and was proud of his beef preparation and his recipes for halibut. Of course, many commented on his authentic French onion soup.

He is returning to France for the winter months, where he will visit a few of his favorite bistros and "I will cook a lot for my family. They are waiting for that." He plans to return to the Bitterroot Valley next year, with hopes to open a business as a private chef, available for catering and private parties. More information about the closing of "A Taste of Paris," call EXP Realtor Maria Laughlin at 406 381-9427.

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