Like my home family and work-family, your own fam has likely been keeping eyes on the new Rice restaurant building in the Kent Plaza. I LOVE rice and have been anticipating the opening since their sign went up.

So it's just called 'Rice'?

Yep! Rice is family-operated by native Thai owners and not a national chain. Missoula will be the fifth location in Montana with the others located in Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston.

And it's where?

The Kent Plaza is the new shopping center across from Trempers. In fact, locals describe it that way so often I'm surprised the sign on the building doesn't say "The New Place Across From Tremper's." For real though, it's just off South Russell on West Kent, where Lookout Throwing Company moved. That's the ax-throwing place, there's also OddPitch Brewing, whose logo is amazing, and my friends are telling me the nail salon in the Plaza serves wine and mimosas.

When does it open?

According to the Missoulian, Rice is planning their grand opening for Monday, January 31st. Their article also says the owners hope to have a full staff so they can be open 7 days a week and that they will have a bar menu to compliment OddPitch next door and will be available on Door Dash.

What's on the menu?

Rice describes its menu as ranging from "the famous Pad Thai to the all-time favorite Tom Yum soup." You can find their full menu here. 

I can only imagine how difficult it was to launch a business in a new market during a pandemic and supply chain delays, but we're glad they did it and we're very much looking forward to enjoying some of the famous Pad Thai!

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