Singer Kelly Clarkson and her former husband Brandon Blackstock are currently involved in a very messy divorce. The couple has two children, a 7-year-old daughter River Rose and a 5-year-old son Remington. Last year the family bought a ranch here in Montana. The ranch became the family's spot to wait out the pandemic. After spending much of 2020 on the ranch, Kelly and Brandon started to grow apart. The back and forth from LA to MT began to wear on the couple.

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Blackstock planned on living at the ranch, where he is currently residing. His goal was to leave behind his life in the music industry and focus on cattle ranching. After winning the legal battle for the ranch, Kelly tried to get Brandon to remove himself from the property. But, he claims that he cannot afford to buy a place of his own. So he refused to leave. It appears that may have paid off a little for Brandon, as another trip back to court resulted in Brandon getting a 5% share of the property. Meaning that if Kelly ever sold the $17 million dollar Montana ranch, Brandon would get a portion of the sale. Approximately $900,000. That should be enough to get him affordable housing somewhere. For now, he continues to reside on Clarkson's ranch and isn't planning on going anywhere soon.

Monthly maintenance of the ranch is said to be $81,000. Not to mention Blackstone is expecting to be paid nearly $300,000 per month in spousal support and child support. Even though Kelly has primary custody of both kids. Regardless of how much money Kelly makes, it sounds like Blackstone is quickly becoming a deadbeat dad. But instead of crashing on his ex-wife's couch, he is crashing at a multi-million dollar ranch.

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