Don't let anyone tell you that buying something won't make you feel better. I recently felt awful after not doing great on my math quiz. According to a new study out of Arizona State University, the old saying is true: "New shoes cure the blues."

Researchers found that "Retail Therapy" is an actual thing, and it does help improve mood after a bad day or difficult rejection. But retail therapy is only beneficial if you make a purchase that doesn’t create a reminder of the upsetting incident. For example, if you have a bad day at work, buying a new work outfit won’t improve your mood. It will actually serve as a reminder of the upsetting incident. But if you buy yourself some new workout gear or a cute top for Friday night date night, then you are doing it right.

So when your sweetie doesn't get you anything for Valentines Day you can grab your wallet and feel justified in shopping.   (Glamour)