I am convinced all things come to an end at the hardware store, well with relationships anyway. You can never go just once on a remodel project and always end up bickering at some point. 

I would like to start a couples counseling booth at the hardware store. Wouldn't it be great? You're arguing over rags,wood stain and walk around the corner to find a nice person who just wants to listen and give you another perspective? I think it is much needed, I mean most couples are obviously happy and serious to start a remodel project together, then you start it and the raging remodeler comes out in you. It's over before it even began.

Though the arguments are small and petty, I see more grumpy couples in the hardware store then I do on Divorce Court. What is it about the remodel project, no light at the end of the tunnel, the re-doing of something that causes the crazy to come out?

And it's never the price you thought it was which makes the car ride home always awkward as you ponder how it cost that much and assume you were over-charged somewhere.

I am going to practice my best compromise and patience for all future trips to the hardware store. Maybe one day I'll open a practice in one to help others in need.