Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I noticed a rather large package waiting at our front door. My first reaction was, how much did my wife spend on online shopping. Also just my general curiosity of wondering what is in the box. Once I got close enough I noticed the horrible handwriting on the box as one of my buddies Collin, who lives and works down in the Napa Valley area of California.

I reached to grab the box and then notice the sticker that said the box was 40 pounds. So I brought the box inside and quickly opened it up, there was more wine than I had ever seen in one box. There were Red's and White's lots of different varieties and even one bottle of homemade Apple Brandy.

Collin works as part of the engineering/maintenance team for for Gallo farms in California and he sent 11 bottles of wine that were made from the vineyards he works for. This was totally unexpected but what an amazing gift to come home too. Now I just have to think of a couple Montana bottles to send back to him.

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