Sure, spending all night drinking can be a problem when it's unexpected, but when you plan a day of drinking (responsibly) for you and your friends, it's fun. Missoula has a lot of great places to have drinks, but there are certain places where it's easy to stay so much longer than expected in the best way possible. Here is my list of five Missoula bars where day drinking always seems to turn into night drinking.

  • 1


    322 North Higgins Ave.

    Plonk has an amazing open style atmosphere with a Roof Top bar where friends will love to meet you for drinks.

  • 2

    Iron Horse

    501 North Higgins Ave.

    The Iron Horse does get busy when the weather is nice and for good reason: the patio outside is fantastic, yet still offers shade. Plus, when you're looking for some delicious food with your drinks, you won't be disappointed.

  • 3

    The Rhino

    158 Ryman Street

    The Rhino is amazing not only for their beer selection and very cool staff but also because as long as their doors are open they have a Shuffleboard table open for use.

  • 4

    Finn & Porter

    100 Madison Street

    While they cater to a more professional their patio is fantastic. On a summer day you will see lots of people floating the river while sipping drinks.

  • 5

    The Old Post

    103 West Spruce Street

    This is a great spot to meet friends for drinks. Food is really good, and they have a patio that is wonderful and still offers shade if you want to get out of the sun.


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