Back in July, we shared the details about a Seattle business called Piroshky Piroshky coming to Montana to make deliveries that were pre-ordered through their website. It was the first time they had ventured into the state and it seems like it must have been pretty successful because they're back to do it again. Missoula was one of the delivery stops last time and it looks like you'll have your chance to place an order if you missed out previously.

What exactly is a piroshky?

Ask the Google machine what a piroshky is and the answer you'll get back says that they're small pastries with meat, cheese, or vegetable filling. Actually, the definition of the popular Russian street food kind of resembles a pasty, and we know Montana has a history with pasties. Overall, a piroshky seems like it's pretty simple but big on deliciousness. Piroshky Piroshky has been a successful business in Seattle for almost 30 years and they added food truck service a couple of years ago.

Piroshkies, the traditional hand-held pies served throughout markets and homes in Eastern Europe, are now very popular in the Pacific Northwest. Piroshky Piroshky Bakery, established in 1992, blends traditional recipes with local ingredients and offers a wide range of Piroshkies, both sweet and savory.

I grew up in Seattle but I guess I was living under a rock when it comes to the popularity of a piroshky. I've actually never had one. I didn't place an order when Piroshky Piroshky came through Missoula over the summer but I think I'm jumping in this time. The beef & cheese option looks pretty delicious as does the bacon, hashbrown, egg & cheese.

How to place an order

The only bummer is you can't just try a thing or two off of the menu as there is a $50 minimum order requirement. But on the flip side, they do have a pretty large menu of items to choose from so if you try a few items you'll hit that $50 mark before you know it.

Orders have to be in by 3 PM on 10/25 and Piroshky Piroshky will deliver on 10/26. Once again, they'll be set up at Glacier Ice Rink and you can grab your orders between 4 PM - 6 PM. You can place an order HERE.

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