I have been a fan of Travis Tritt's for a long time and every year I normally check in to see if he will be around somewhere I am near and I will be able to see him in concert. Well this was my lucky year as Travis Tritt was playing in Montana.

The show was in Lewistown ( basically the center of Montana) ... which really surprised me! I was not expecting the small Ferguson County Fair to have Travis Tritt.

He looked the same! Still had rhythm and played a lot of his hits. Seriously I was so blown away. His voice was still good, he smiled the whole time and you could tell was genuinely happy to be there. After doing it for as many years as he has he could easily be boring or semi dull or do things half way but I could tell Travis was one of those performers lost in time. The ones that think of their job as an art/craft that is a part of them.

I had such a blast and if you ever get a chance to see Travis, do. He has been to Montana before and I expect him to come back again.

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