One business closes, another takes its spot.

Some bad news for you if you're a fan of the Vietnam Grill over on Higgins - they've permanently closed. The family that owns the restaurant also own the new Pho Vi restaurant on Brooks, and they've decided to close Vietnam Grill to focus on that. So you can still get your fix of Vietnamese food, you're just going to have to go a different spot.

Some really good news though if you're a fan of Taco Del Sol, whose downtown location was right next to Vietnam Grill. As a result of them leaving the property, Taco Del Sol will be expanding into their old spot!

There are four Taco Del Sols in Missoula, and the other tree locations are currently open, but the downtown spot never re-opened after the COVID closures because of the limited amount of space they had available. By expanding into where the Vietnam Grill used to be, that problem will be solved, and they're hoping to have the downtown Taco Del Sol open by late June.

So while it may be a bummer that Vietnam Grill is closing, at least Pho Vi is here to take its place, and Taco Del Sol gets to reopen its location in a bigger space. This feels like a pretty solid win for everybody involved.

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Are you excited to check out the newly revamped Taco Del Sol? Have you been to Pho Vi yet since they've officially opened?

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