We all know the Keurig is great for single servings of coffee, now meet the Bartesian, the ultimate cocktail machine.I love the idea of getting a quality cocktail in your own home! When I make a drink at home it never seems to taste as good as when I am out enjoying a cocktail. Maybe it is because of all the extras the bartender does or a special garnish, but the Bartesian helps make those quality cocktails at home. The machine itself runs around $300, then you have to buy the individual cocktail mixtures in their individual cups. Although when you think about some of the bar tabs you have paid in the past, it makes it easier to gulp down the $300 sticker price. And hopefully this helps in the fight against drunk driving, as many consumers will most likely be using this machine at home.

If I was 21 again, I would buy one. I just don't drink as much as many cocktails as I used to, although I still think this is a pretty creative idea.


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