Normally falling asleep for me is so easy to do, often times I nap on the couch before going to bed. Although even after getting six hours of sleep, I found that I was often still tired in the morning. My alarm clock does go off pretty early as I am in the shower before 4:15am, but I still wanted more restful sleep. I tried something new last night and it seemed to really help out.

Normally throughout the night I wake up, I check my phone to see what time it is, and how much time I have before the alarm goes off. It is a horrible way to try to get restful sleep but, I have a fear of sleeping through the morning show so I have always just dealt with it.

Last night I left my cell phone in the hallway, it was close enough so I could hear my annoying alarm, but still woke me up without issue. If you are dealing with sleep issues, give it a try tonight, and if you sleep through your alarm tell your boss to call me. :)


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