It’s almost the weekend!!! As each work week comes to an end I find myself thinking more and more about the small things I like to do on the weekends and as strange as it sounds my favorite thing is relaxing in my living room on Saturday nights listening to music and talking with my wife.

I know it sounds strange that my whole job revolves around music and yet that’s what I look forward to on the weekends as well. However, there is just nothing better than relaxing in this fashion.

We actually do this so often that we have a complete system down. My wife and I take turns picking out songs. She gets a song, I get a song and so on. While the music plays we talk about anything under the sun, play with our dogs and if we are feeling up to it we might even get some house work done but mainly we just sit, talk and listen.

It truly is one of my favorite pass times.

What small things do you look forward to on your weekends?


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