Growing up in a house with 3 brothers, football, video games, and arguing where three things that were always taking place. One thing my brothers and I could all agree on was that when the new Madden game was released each year it was like a holiday! Sometimes even waiting up until midnight to visit the game store and buy it immediately.

The new 'Madden 17' is set to be released later this month, on August 23rd. But some details about the game have already been released like what to expect on the video game soundtrack.

This year there will be three country artists featured on the game and they each have one song.

-Brantley Gilbert, 'It's About to Get Dirty'

-Blake Shelton, 'Straight Outta Moonlight'

-Jason Aldean, 'Lights Come On'

I can't wait for the new game to come out, except I can't play online anymore. The kids that now play online are so good, I would break a controller if I even tried to play against them.