Yesterday we were asking if anybody knew what is happening on N. Reserve where Fuddruckers used to be. The lot had been empty for quite a while but the early stages of construction are underway.

We received quite a bit of Facebook feedback about the possible plans for the space. We had some people throwing in their wish list (Olive Garden, buffet, Chik-fil-A.) There were a few rumors people had heard (church, brewery, bank.) And there was plenty of sarcasm about things we need because there "definitely isn't enough" of them around town (tap room, casino, coffee shop.) I thought maybe I was the only one out of the loop with what was happening but it sounds like plenty of people are in the dark when it comes to the answer on this one.

So what did our countless hours of investigative work uncover? Well, someone left a comment with the name of Mountain America Credit Union but didn't give any additional info. Then, we were sent this video that included a mention about a bank from Salt Lake City moving into the spot. We looked, and yep, Mountain America Credit Union is out of Utah. And to bring it home we had a listener call the studio and confirm that was indeed who the new business would be. We're just going to take their word for it since the caller stated they were involved with the construction process. It all seems to add up. So there you go - case solved.

As a bonus, our caller mentioned another building that would soon begin construction in the same area of N. Reserve would be the future home to Firehouse Subs. If you're not familiar.......visit them online and check out their menu. They're delicious and I'm pretty excited they'll be available in Missoula soon!

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