It's pretty crazy to realize that it's been almost a year since Fuddruckers in Missoula closed down. It was the end of October last year when the news broke, if you can believe that. They were there one day and the next they were announcing the doors were closed and they would be auctioning off everyhting inside. I was pretty bummed about the news since I had just eaten there a couple weeks before. I loved how you could have your burger made fresh and apply all the toppings yourself.......and the milkshakes. The only negative was the $30 tab easily turned into a $50 trip after giving in to my kid's demands to play all the video games.

After they tore down the existing building, the lot has sat vacant for pretty much most of the last year. It's just been in the last few weeks that I've started to see some movement. It looks like they're starting to build the new structure that will serve as home to the next establishment on the property. But what exactly is the new business that'll be moving in where Fuddruckers is no more?

I thought maybe I was the only one that hadn't heard the news about some company purchasing the space and getting started on rolling out their plans. But I asked around the office and nobody else seems to know what the new construction is all about either. I noticed the old Fuddruckers sign is still standing and it mentions the space is available as well as a license for serving alcohol.

Did somebody purchase the lot and do they have plans? Is a new building being built and a tenant will be found later? Do you have any details about what is happening where the old Fuddruckers used to be? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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