Winter has roared it's head a little early in our parts. I took advantage of the weekend and the weather to see how the fishing would be.

I decided to head east and try to find an area that is said to be pretty decent fishing no matter what time of year it is. Really you would be surprised how much of the state has OK fly fishing in the winter. it's just nobody tries it.

It was cold and snowing half the way there but otherwise it had just snowed previously but wasn't snowing when we got there. We arrived late and it was a drive to get there but we still had a blast and were just excited to be there. We were using some small nymphs and the water seemed pretty low but sounds like it always is.

We fished until it turned dark and I was slightly impressed with how dark it got quickly. Once it was dark it was dark. Important reminder to always have your headlamp or flashlight with you.

No luck on this new stretch of river, but I will go back and hopefully catch a hog of a fish.


    Winter Drift-boat Fly Fishing

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