Well another year in the books, and this year I actually went out! Downtown Missoula was fun, not overcrowded and First Night was cool to checkout.

Over 80 events to chose from, and all kinds of music. One thing I looked in on was Dan Dubuque at Break Espresso. Then we headed off to Plonk which had the coolest Jazz band! The setting there was very mellow and we got what maybe was the last table. Had chocolate tart and espresso.

Then off to Monks for the Tallest DJ in Americas last set in Missoula... for awhile. He is moving to Nashville. So we get to Monks and there is a good crowd we hang out, Aaron gets stuff prepared and then we get onstage for the midnight shout out.

The night rang in fun and full of smiles.

I think this will be a great 2016.

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