I was highly impressed visiting the Missoula Vet Center on Brooks, they have new programs and resources all the time they try to implement.

The Missoula Vet Center is on Brooks,

Having been a fan of the local for VFW since I moved her I have come to know the name Anton through the Veterans circle. He does a lot for the Vet community and you can find him at the Veteran's Center for Missoula. Then I met Jason King through tying flies himself and a lady at the Center had a great idea that maybe tying flies would help some of the Veterans in need of a soothing hobby, but also one that could maybe help actually physically recovering or continuing to recover from trauma.

Also it is just a fun community setting, and they had their first night. It was nice that they allowed me to come help and assist, while Lucas Jones from Grizzly Hackle and Jason King instructed. We started off with San Juan's then did bunny strip streamers.

Can't wait for more and remember if you are a Veteran and you are in need, reach out to some of the great resources here. Vet housing, and the Center as well as the VFW downtown. Then you can have access to things like the Vets only fly tying nights there. There is a lot of need with the countries VA program but Missoula is doing a great job trying to expand and continue to help more rather then less. Contact the Veteran's Center if you would like more info on joining. 

If you would like to donate materials or goods please call 40-728-9300 or email me Charene@kyssfm.com


    Fly Tying at Grizzly Hackle

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