Well I don't have cable or even internet really so I am cut off from the world of TV, Netflix...Hulu etc. So I am not hip on the new shows and had never even heard of this one.

We were suppose to be fishing but after eating good food, having a refreshment and working all day we decided to stop by the cabin in Rock Creek and then we decided to watch just one show that is my friend John's new TV show addiction.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series and it feels like you are back in the 80's. It takes place in the 80's in small town where a young boy ends up disappearing but he's not dead, but not there. Where is he? Well that's the question I am getting answered.

I am not one for scary movies or shows or ones with a lot of gore in them. This show has a bit of the scare factor but enough of the mystery to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Winona Ryder is in cast and she does a great job as the mom of the lost boy. What was suppose to be one episode turned into 4... and I couldn't stop watching it.

The mystery around 'Stranger Things' continues and I am anxious to find out more.



Hope you're enjoying your chicken, Ted.

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