I fly fish a lot but this is was my first time attempting to fly fish in saltwater. It was a wild ride in Florida but I wouldn't change a thing.

I ran into some bad weather as I began my journey and my friends were a little bummed as well. Then I was finally able to take my big fly fishing trip with Boca Grande Fly Fishing Charters and Captain Skip and Captain Kyle. I did not know what to expect but knew I had my work cut out for me. The first fish I caught was a "lizard fish" but I guess in the salt world these are like Whitefish and don't count. It was a cool fish though!

Then I caught a sea trout! Then we started the real fishing. Sight casting for snook and red fish. We saw lots of both but the red fish were cruising and I just couldn't cast that far BUT I did get a snook on the fly which as a semi newbie to fly fishing I think I did pretty good. They suck your thumb too when you release them.

Snook was my favorite but the fish that made me the happiest was the puffer fish! It blows up like a balloon. It was so cool! You may have seen it on the movie Finding Nemo.

We saw manatees, sharks, dolphins, sting rays and SO many fish. Captain Kyle joined us and was so awesome. If you want a good group, go with these guys. Skip has the longer experience but Kyle was cuter, win win for me!

Salt water fly fishing is a different game. I thought you catch anything and everything but no there is a formula for success and certain ways to fish certain fish just like here.

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