Remember last week when I told you about the big blowout sale on all Missoula sports gear at MSO Hub? Well, the reason they held that is because MSO Hub - which has been, true to its name, a hub for all kinds of Missoula merchandise - was shutting down for a few days to remodel and rebrand the store. And they're more directly tied to one of Missoula's sports teams then ever before.

The MSO Hub was closed on Monday and Tuesday, but reopened today under a new name: The Paddleheads Post. Yes, as in the Missoula Paddleheads, our minor league baseball team that plays over at Ogren Park (or at least, will play at Ogren Park - thanks to COVID, they still haven't played a single game under the new name).

That doesn't mean that the new store will be exclusively Paddleheads merch - they'll still sell stuff for the Griz and other Montana goods. What it does mean is that the store will also act as a ticketing hub for the Paddleheads, so you can actually buy tickets in person there if you don't want to do it online.

Their post on Facebook today also promises "tons of new surprises," but I think you'll have to head to the store to find out what that means. For more info on the new Paddleheads Post, you can follow them at their Facebook page. To buy tickets or learn about other upcoming events, you can check out the official website for the Paddleheads.

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