We had to wait a while to actually see the Missoula PaddleHeads take the field as a team.....but they've delivered some excitement since they started their season a month ago. You know that saying about how easy a knife goes through warm butter? The PaddleHeads would be the knife and the rest of the Pioneer League would be the butter. The home team has been on fire to start the season - currently sporting a 20-6 record. And when you win, people kind of notice. The PaddleHeads just saw another member of the team have their contract purchased by a Major League Team.

With so many concerts and events being announced around town, you may have forgot that the PaddleHeads have been playing with a 50% reduced capacity since the start of the season. We were excited just to have ANY fans in the stands when they announced the crowd limitations before the start of the season. But the restrictions are about to become a thing of the past as Ogren Park will be allowed to return to full capacity for games beginning this week when the PaddleHeads starts a six-game run against the Ogden Raptors. And this seems like a good time to mention that Ogden is also 20-6 and the two teams are at the top of their respective divisions! So how great would it be to pack Ogren Park to see the two best teams in the league play a little ball?

Some thoughts about the decision, as well as ongoing safety measures, were mentioned in a press release today:

After conferring with our local health department officials, we have decided to lift our self-imposed 50% capacity limit and return to full capacity beginning with our next homestand.” said PaddleHeads’ Vice President Matt Ellis. “Our organization has been very diligent in our commitment to community safety and wellbeing. Despite our return to full capacity, we will still continue to provide safety precautions such as hand sanitizer stations, aggressive stadium cleaning procedures, social distancing suggestions, and face mask wearing recommendations for those not vaccinated. We thank the Missoula City County Health Department for all of their leadership and counsel during these trying times. They have helped us maintain a safe environment for our staff and fans attending events at Ogren Park Allegiance Field and will continue to do so going forward.”

It all boils down to the fact that Ogren Park is allowed to have a full house for upcoming games - as well as all the upcoming promo nights on the schedule - and that includes fireworks night on July 2.

If you haven't been to a game yet this season - you're missing some very entertaining baseball! You can get tickets for upcoming games HERE, by phone at 406-543-3300, or at the PaddleHeads Post (140 N Higgins).

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