Each year on Valentine's Day people spend huge amounts of money showing how much they love their significant other. According to candystore.com, they are expecting 1.7 Billion dollars to be spent on candy alone this Valentine's Day holiday. Most people would expect chocolate to be the most popular candy for Valentine's Day but it's not.

From their calculations, starting just last year those Candy Hearts have now become more popular than even chocolate. Did you know that approximately 8.2 billion conversations hearts will be produced this year alone.

Candystore.com also broke down the most popular Valentine's Day candies by state and here is what they said about Montana:

Oh, give me a home where the conversation hearts roam, and the deer and the antelope play.  That home would likely be in Montana, since there 1.4 elk, 3.3 deer and 1.4 antelope per square mile in Montana! And Montana is the 4th biggest state, so that’s a lot of four-legged friends. Oh, and their favorite Valentine’s candy is conversation hearts. Nearly 9,000 pounds around V Day. That would only be about 1oz per square mile (like I said Montana is very big). Not much for the animals to fight over.

Just make sure you don't forget, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!

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