It is going around and one of the big symptoms of the crud is a sore throat. So I took to Facebook to get some advice on quick sore throat remedies. 

Normally there is other stuff along with the sore throat but being in radio I really just wanted some sore throat remedies that works. Asking Montana's anything you better be prepared for answers and people willing to help.

Check out some of these great remedies and yes I tried multiples and it does work.

Honey was a popular one, as well as lemon and pineapple juice. Yesterday I stocked up on Green tea, emergen-c, honey, lemon, pineapple juice, Nyquil, Dayquil, Chloraseptics, cinnamon, Menthol, and Eucalyptus.

Side note: Whiskey is good for a quick fix for sore throats, heated up but never mix with OTC medicines.


    My Bob Ross Impersonation