It is always fun crafting but this time doing it with my aunt was the best. In New Mexico it is not always easy to find "rustic" and western looking things there but we managed!

I wish we would have grabbed a photo of this before we "weathered" it. I was shocked to also find two Yellowstone area signs to at a Salvation Army store in New Mexico. So my aunt is good at art and decorating so she really was the driving force behind this whole thing. Sh weathered it with a stiff paintbrush a nice white that really mixed well with the post-sanded shelf.

We found the sign at the Hobby Lobby! We were looking for stencils and found the sign which we ended up (after trial and error with hot glue) nailing small nails in and hanging it.

The chalkboard we framed with real birch tree bark, and then the mason jar is an old jar from my family in New Mexico that I filled with indicators and my Uncle's bobber.



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