Sad to think there is so much internet bullying going on out there. A group of activists 'Weight Haters' analyzed over 17,000 fat shaming tweets sent from across the country to determine if geography plays a factor in online bullying. Where did we land?

Not great at all that we made the list which is compromised of the 14 states with the most body shaming internet bullies:

  1. Wyoming
  2. Vermont
  3. North Dakota
  4. Alaska
  5. South Dakota
  6. Delaware
  7. Montana
  8. Rhode Island
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Maine
  11. Idaho
  12. West Virginia
  13. Nebraska
  14. New Mexico

According to this is what they found with Montana and internet bullies body shaming.

Montana wants you to "hit the gym" and we're not finding that harsh phrase all that encouraging. Nonetheless, that's why it's here at number seven on this list with .98 tweets for every million people.

So many better ways to spend your time and energy then on this.


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