If you've been getting lonely on the ranch, or even your "spread" in town, we may have found the perfect companion.

Meet Esme, who stopped by the studios for a visit for "Take Me Home Tuesday", where we feature some of the pets up for adoption at the Humane Society of Western Montana shelter in Missoula. 

Esme made her appearance sporting a spiffy pink sweater. But you could tell right away this is a dog that's not looking to just curl up by the fireplace in cold weather. Allison Kadler from the Humane Society says the staff believes she might have a little blue healer in the mix. Whatever the variety, she's absolutely adorable and full of boundless energy.

Upright but casual ears

Upright ears, with just a little curious "flop" frame a face with dark eyes looking for adventures. Allison says she'll be a medium-sized pup with a "cattle dog" mix that should make her right at home on a ranch or farm here in Western Montana. Esme is three months old with lots of "puppy energy". With the right placement and training though, you can easily see her helping out and faithfully following her new owners anywhere they go. 

Allison notes Esme loves people, and cuddling up to them, so she's also a great inside companion and is good for "just about everything." 

I asked her whether Esme would be good in a multi-dog household.

"I think eventually, " Allison says. "With a more confident dog to kind of show her the ropes. She's still a little pup and is trying to figure out the world."

If you'd like to meet Esme, or any of the other wonderful dogs and cats waiting for a new home, visit the Humane Society's shelter 3/4 of a mile south of the Blue Mountain Road intersection on Highway 93. 

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