Buzz buzz buzz. Bzzzzz buzz buzz buzz. Buzzy buzz buzz buzz buzz.

Ahem. Sorry, I just found out that Montana has a huge population of bees, I wanted to make sure they could understand what I was saying. Yes, as it turns out, a website called Spring Hill Nursery put together a map of the US that outlines which states are the best for bees in the US, and which ones are the worst. And Montana and bees seem to be getting along pretty well.

Montana ranked number 5 in the highest percent of bee colony growth, and we ranked number 8 in the states with the most bee colonies. Of course, thanks to climate change and a variety of factors, bees have been facing dwindling populations for years now, and that in turn can have major effects on the ecosystem. It's important to keep bees around, and it looks like Montana has been doing a pretty good job of it.

California is an interesting distinction on the list, too - it's both the state with the most bee colonies, AND the state most rapidly losing their bee colonies, having lost over 160,000 between 2018 and 2019. That doesn't even factor in the recent wildfires taking place there, which will likely result in the loss of even more.

Weirdly enough, the animated Dreamworks movie Bee Movie - with Jerry Seinfeld as a talking bee who falls in love with a human, 2007 was a weird time - actually illustrates what would happen if the world lost bees pretty well. It also features Ray Liotta playing himself being interrogated by Bee Jerry Seinfeld about his line of honey, because again, 2007 was a weird time.

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