To some this is no surprise, but they just ranked the states on how much we love the outdoors and how much we invest in it.

All Things Waterproof did this survey and calculated how much people love the outdoors, the money they spend and where they live and are participating in outdoor activities.

I know this area loves the outdoors and for us and some other states it is a way of life and provides for families and friends. Montana ranks high on this list because we are involved in outdoor recreation and have a lot of "natural assets". Technically we tied for number one.

  1. Alaska  81%
  2. Montana – 81%
  3. Idaho –79%
  4. North Dakota – 76%
  5. Wyoming –73%
  6. Utah – 72%
  7. Vermont – 72%
  8. Washington – 2%
  9. Colorado – 71
  10. Maine –70%

They also posted some fun facts you should really check out at the bottom of the page. Like this one

Enjoy and enjoy the outdoors and protect it as well. See you on the water!



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