According to some number crunchers, here’s a rundown of the 10 booziest states in America:

10. Maine – Drinking 2.65 gallons of alcohol per capita.

9. Wyoming – This state has the lowest population of any state in the union, but still boasts 4.3 craft breweries per 100,000 people.

8. Nevada – A lot of drinking occurs in those casinos and clubs.

7. Washington – While California is home to the most wineries, Washington comes in second.

6. Wisconsin –Famous for both high-end beer and the “regular” stuff.

5. Vermont – A whopping 6.2 craft breweries per 100,000 residents.

4. Montana – Not a lot of people, but lots of bars.

3. Alaska – Residents drink more alcohol than 90% of the country.

2. Colorado – Ranks 10th in wineries, fourth in breweries, and is in the top-five craft spirits producers.

1. Oregon – Craft beer and wine alone account for $4.6 billion in economic impact each year. (Thrillist)

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