Last week a post on Missoula's Reddit page asked what should replace the now vacant Jakers Restaurant on Brooks Street. You can go back and read the initial responses.

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There were plenty of great responses, but then after I published the first article, y'all came back with another great batch of ideas, so I had to write a follow-up on it. Here are more ideas to replace Jakers Restaurant.

Missoulians respond...

"Why not just an unassuming, family owned diner?" - Heather B. 
We like that idea. Give it a ma & pa shop charm like a Paul's Pancake Parlor or Market On Front.

"Some good latin food and renovate the inside to a Latin club at night... yeah I'll probably get shamed for my thought but" -Christina S.
We don't judge in this house, Christina.

"Some type of soup and salad resturatt like Soup and Such in Billings" - Dave B.
I haven't had Soup and Such in Billings, but I like soup and I like such. 

"Olive garden" -Richard C.
Similar to Soup and Such (I think?) but it's a chain restaurant. That being said, some people are not on board with a chain restaurant coming to town.

"Not another chain restaurant hopefully" - Melissa D. 
On the flip side, some would love another chain restaurant. 

"Red lobster" -Roylene G.

"Olive garden" - Chris S.

"Olive garden or red lobster" - Imari G.

Credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images
Credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images
Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

"Chili's" -Debbi F. 

"Golden corral" -Margarent P.D.

"Pizza ranch" - SaraJo R. 

"Rib & Chop House" -Mark B.

Finally, somebody commented in favor of a strip club with an NSFW name. I'll leave that for you to track down in our Facebook comments on the original article.

Keep those comments coming in and maybe one will get through to the people in charge of new businesses.

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