Yesterday, I was chatting on the phone with one very proud dad Tim Higgins about the success of the Summit Cheer team from here in Missoula. It was a few years ago that a cheer team from Montana went farther than any other cheer team from Montana has gone at the D2 summit. I remember because we had the ladies visit the radio station to talk about their fundraising efforts.

I asked Tim to send me an email to explain how well the team this year is doing:

The girls usually compete at 2 local meets, which are at U of M and than go on to compete at 3-4 national competitions.  Our first competition was in Las Vegas, where our teams took third and received a US National bids.  The Girls than went Bellevue Washington by Seattle which we qualified for a few more US National bids to go back to Las Vegas.  Next we went on to Salt lake again and walked away with another US National bid.  We had a bit of a break and than headed back to Salt Lake for our last chance to win a National Title, and wouldn't you know if both of our teams came out and made a statement that Summit Cheer from Missoula Montana was going to be the teams to beat.  At the end of the first Day our Senior 3 teams was 4 points ahead of the second place team and our Senior 2 team was 2 points ahead of the second place team.  This may not seem like much, but at these competitions  first and sixth place is normally separated by tenths of a point, so this was a big deal.  Needless to say both of our teams won national titles at their levels.  We also won a paid Bid to the US Nationals in Las Vegas this time, but we wanted the Bids to what in the cheerleading world is referred to as the SUPER BOWL OF CHEER!!  We came back and had to wait till last Monday to find out if we won.  As you know no other team from Montana has ever gone to the D2 Summit except for us 2 years ago.  The results came in and our Senior 3 team won an at large bid and than our Senior 2 team won a full paid bid, one of 7 paid bids in the US.  Pretty amazing what these girls were able to do, so we are off to Walt Disney World Resort at the ESPN facility Orlando Florida  to compete at the D2 Summit. May 11-13th

To kick off their fundraising efforts they are selling raffle tickets for $20 each. The Grand Prize is 2 concert tickets to see P!nk in Las Vegas & $200 Visa Gift Card. 2nd prize is 3-tickets for Keith Urban concert in Missoula on September 29th, 2018. 3rd prize is a wheel barrel full of booze worth over $400 with over 20 bottles of alcohol.

They are also selling t-shirt sponsorships on the back of the girls shirts they will be wearing. Companies or anyone interested can get their logo on the shirts for $30, $50, or $100 depending on the size. T-shirts will be sold for $12.

Lastly there will be a fundraising event at the Sunrise Saloon on April 21, 2018 from 1-4pm where you're encouraged to buy tickets and place them in front of the basket you want to win. They will be drawing the winners toward the end of the event. There is expected to be over 30 baskets of great stuff.

If you have any questions about any of the fundraising efforts you're encouraged to reach out to Tim at 406-544-5452.

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