Well this makes me feel slightly worse for skipping the gym after work...

Smart Asset put together this list of the ten most fitness-friendly places in the entire country... and Missoula was on it! We were number 7 on the list, with our high rate of fitness centers and walking and biking cited as reasons why we're among the best. Here's what they said in the study:

Missoula, Montana ranks in the top half of the study for all five metrics we considered. Although residents may have to pay a relatively high hourly rate for the services of a personal trainer here, there are many opportunities to seek out a gym or recreation center. Missoula has the highest rate of fitness establishments across all 317 metro areas for which we considered data, at approximately 130 fitness establishments per 10,000 establishments. Furthermore, Missoula has the fourth-highest percentage of residents who walk or bike to work and the highest rate for this metric in the top 10, at more than 10%.

Pretty cool! Number one on the list was Bend-Redmond, Oregon, just in case you feel like moving to somewhere even MORE fitness-friendly than Missoula.

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