Heck, I'm not embarrassed enough as it is. Might as well share with all our social media pals, too.

What's something that almost all of us do every day? How about walking up and down stairs? Unfortunately, that simple act did not end well for me. As a result I can almost guarantee that you had a better Tuesday than I did.

If I can, let me try to give you a brief description of the staircase layout here at the Townsquare Media offices. While we are on the second floor, it almost becomes a third floor with the large space between us and Western Montana Lighting. Our staircase is segmented into three sets of 10 steps with two landings. I was getting ready to descend the stairs to run an errand Tuesday morning. I can't say if I stubbed a toe or caught a heel, but I lost my balance at the top and started tumbling down the stairs. As I grabbed for the railing, I thought I had a grip on it to help break my fall or slow me down, but my hand must have slipped and I face-planted on the landing.

With plenty of blood pouring down the right side of my face, a coworker took me to the emergency room at Providence St. Patrick Hospital.  After several hours in ER, the CT scan on my head showed no internal bleeding. I am to watch for any side effects that might indicate concussion. I have a lot of swelling and bruising all around my right eye, a black eye and a gash that required gluing but fortunately did not require stitches.

So far I am not feeling any concussion-related symptoms, but I'm not out of the woods on that, yet.  I want to say very special thank yous to Nurse Mary and ER physician Doug Melzer, who along with other staff members at Providence St. Pat's were absolutely amazing while caring for me. I feel a lot better than I look and am grateful that it wasn't much worse of an accident than it was. I think it sure could have been.

So, what did you do Tuesday?


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