A woman spotted in the icy waters of the Clark Fork River had to be rescued Sunday by a specially trained crew from the Missoula Fire Department.

"About 1:26 p.m. an unidentified female was seen floating in the river West of the Russell Street Bridge," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "Missoula City Fire responded with their Swift Water Rescue Team. She was transported to the hospital and at this point we are waiting to speak with her."

The woman was conscious when pulled from the water, but police are trying to work out how she ended up in the water to begin with.

"In order to identify whether or not she was a victim of a crime, potentially. When she was transported to the hospital, either due to some reason that is yet unknown or hypothermia. she was kind of combative with staff and had to be sedated."

The rescue crew pulled the woman out of the water with a rope and no one else was injured.

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