At around 2:00pm on Tuesday, a Missoula Police Department Officer was dispatched to the Poverello Center for a report of a male who was holding a machete up to a female. The officer observed in the call notes that the male had left and was last seen headed towards the apartment complex on Toole Avenue. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“Officers were provided a good description and a nickname that officers recognized from prior law enforcement contact,” Arnold said. “Officers spotted a male matching the suspect description near the Off Broadway Condos and the male immediately began to flee from officers.”

The male, later identified as 28-year-old Naoise McMahon, was detained by other officers after initially refusing multiple commands to stop running and get down on the ground.

“Officers were able to catch up to McMahon and take him into custody,” Arnold said. “Officers were able to retrace McMahon’s running path and they gathered evidence of the incident. The victim wasn’t physically injured by the machete being held up to them. However, while McMahon was seen holding the machete to the victim, he was making comments about causing severe bodily injury or death to the victim.”

The victim said McMahon stole her wallet the night before and she went to the Poverello Center to get it back. McMahon refused to give the victim her property back and put a machete up against her throat. At one point, McMahon said, "you don't' want to mess with me. I know where you live." He also said, "I am going to kill you. I will start with your hands and end at your feet."

The victim was visibly upset when she spoke about McMahon getting released from jail. She said she was afraid for her safety because McMahon knows where she lives. The victim begged the officer to contact the Judge and make McMahon remain in jail because she was afraid he would kill her if he was release. She was equally upset when the officer told her she could not do that.

While on scene, Poverello staff informed the officer that they had the machete that was used in the assault. The officer obtained custody of the machete. Officers also recovered a backpack that McMahon threw into a bush during the pursuit. An officer located some of the victim's stolen property inside of the backpack.

McMahon was charged with felony assault with a weapon, theft, and obstructing a peace officer.

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