This is a debate Savannah and I have been having for years. How many animals are enough? We currently have 2 of the best dogs in the universe Koda & Gypsy. Savannah grew up with lots of animals mostly dogs and cats but occasionally a turtle or something else. My family growing up had a dog occasionally but I never had a dog I truly connected with.

Koda & Gypsy are tremendous and honestly seeing them after work is one of the best parts of my day, but Savannah would love to add another dog or possibly even a cat. I have always had the rule that we will never have more animals than we have people living in our home, so we are maxed out with 2 dogs right now.

How many animals do you think are enough? I'm not even going to start having conversations about having another animal right now, but I want to know your experience. Obviously, with another animal it's more cost including vet bills, food, and toys. Plus we have plenty of dog hair to go around already! How many animals are the perfect number for you and your family?

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