If I told you of a proven way to make $ 2 million dollars in just 3-days worth of work you'd be all in right?

It does take a tremendous amount of work and more than 300 porta-potties, but it's sure to put smiles on the faces of thousands of people.

And that's exactly why we keep opening our arms to people all over the world every summer with the Missoula Marathon.

Just the facts ma'am

As the Missoula Marathon gets underway, Race Director Trisha Drobeck (knowing my love of stats), sent me the most recent set of facts for the Missoula Marathon, based on numbers from last year, and projections for 2023.

And of all those numbers, the ones that jump out the most are the amount of economic impact the Marathon generates, but also the financial help it provides to the community.

That estimate of $ 2 million dollars comes from a Missoulian check just before the race was canceled for the pandemic. And likely those numbers are considerably higher now, with the higher prices racers are paying for fuel, food, and hotel rooms.

More money for local causes

But the Marathon is quickly closing in on the once-lofty goal of raising $100,000 for Missoula Youth Homes, currently set at $70,000 before this year's race. Another $7,000 is donated to Climate Smart Missoula to offset carbon generation from travelers coming to the race. This year $1200 will go to the Tony Banovich Memorial high school scholarships.

The race, and its parent organization, Run Wild Missoula, annually donates $50,000 to $70,000 to local charities, and has raised half-a-million dollars since 2007.

But the other numbers are fun too

The racers need 14-aid stations to complete the courses, with more than 100-course monitors and volunteers, and over 30 members of local law enforcement to keep the runners safe on race day.

And don't overlook the fact that volunteers removed nearly 1000 pounds of trash this year from the course BEFORE the race.

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