On Tuesday, April 9, Missoula Mayor Jon Engen will take part in a first-time nationwide Mayor's Day for Recognition of National Service.

Engen said on Monday afternoon that he would be visiting with volunteers from  AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, the Clark Fork Coalition, the Missoula YWCA and Missoula County Public Schools.

Engen said he will spend the day "recognizing all the great work that happens around the community."

"Volunteers are always taking time to help their neighbors and friends and families live a better life in Missoula, and that sort of stuff is going on all over the country," Engen said. "I speak to volunteer groups all the time, and I always mention to them that we're lucky to have you volunteering because we couldn't afford to pay you. We have so many people who devote so much time to volunteer programs, that without you this work would either go undone, or would need to be paid for by someone."

The day will culminate with a social at 4 p.m. (Tuesday, April 9) at the Missoula County Public Schools Administration Building, located at 215 S. Sixth Street West. At that time national service members, alumni, supervisors and partners will gather to hear the mayor issue a proclamation honoring the occasion.

Missoula Mayor Jon Engen