There's been a lot of activity from the Missoula Paddleheads in recent weeks, as they gear up for the start of their baseball season on May 22nd (their very first playing as the Paddleheads!). They recently kicked off this year's Centerfield Cinema screenings, opened the Paddleheads Post in downtown Missoula, and they're getting ready for a job fair next week to get some people working at the stadium this summer.

It seems like they want to make themselves a key fixture of the community, and here's something cool they're doing to help out a great local cause - the Paddleheads are currently matching (up to $25,000) every donation given to the YWCA Missoula through May 21st.

This announcement is in conjunction with Missoula Gives, but the matching extends beyond that and goes on for an additional two weeks. Basically, if you make a donation to YWCA Missoula anytime between now and May 21st, the Paddleheads will fully match every dollar that you donate. So when you donate one dollar, it's like you're actually donating two dollars.

It's also to support the Youth Activities Program at the YWCA, which allows kids to play team sports and activities despite experiencing homelessness or domestic violence. They're calling it the "Swing Big For Kids" fundraiser.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do that directly at the YWCA website.

And the day after this fundraiser ends, the Paddleheads will be playing their first home game at Ogren Park. Will you be checking it out?

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