You don't have to walk the plank, count the doubloons or even talk like a pirate to love this pair.

And the real treasure will come when they arrive in your home.

Meet the last of the "pirate kittens", a group of young cats that warmed hearts and brought smiles to the staff of the Western Montana Humane Society's Missoula shelter in recent weeks.

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And this pair carries perhaps the best of the pirate names, or at least the most famous, with Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Townsquare Media; Ashley Warren

"They are so adorable. They're only 8 weeks old," explains the Humane Society's Janet Rose. "They're ready to go. They're spayed, neutered, vaccinated. They're ready for adoption."

The pair were as cute as could be during this week's visit to the KYSS studio and "Daybreak with Dennis", for our "Take Me Home Tuesday" interview, offering a couple of "kitty options." One is long hair, creme, and gray, while the other is a traditional, gray short-haired tabby.

"They're so sweet," Janet observed. "One has blue eyes and the other has gray eyes."

Townsquare Media; Ashley Warren

Humane Society is helping with vaccination expenses

With the holidays upon us, Rose notes that many Missoula families are struggling to cover their expenses, including vaccinations for their pets. So the Humane Society is helping out with that important step for pet health.

"Saturday, December 16th from 12:30 to 3 we'll be at the Fairgrounds, Building 9, a public vaccination clinic. That means you just come with your animal and you pay what you can afford and you'll get your animal vaccinated.

Rose says that's critical not just for the health of your pet, but also to keep viruses and other diseases from spreading to other animals throughout the community.

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