It is pretty rare when there are ample vacancies to begin with, but the summer season is bringing a storm of animals waiting for adoption.

It was another Take Me Home Tuesday at the radio stations, sponsored by our animal loving friends at Paul's Pancake Parlor in Missoula. Janet from the Humane Society of Western Montana introduced us to a couple of quiet, gentle and adorable little guys hoping for their forever homes. And what a matching set they would be if you wanted two!

Unfortunately, the shelter has been flooded with a lot of kittens, as well as adult cats, along with puppies and even some adult dogs. This week we met Blazer and Polo (Marco was a bit too shy to hop in the crate). They're mostly black with little white paws and some white facial markings. At about 8 weeks old, they are ready to go, neutered and vaccinated.


Janet was thrilled to announce that a program is currently being developed and will be ready to launch soon. The Human Society will have a relationship with the Missoula Petco where they will do adult cat adoptions right there at the store at 3662 Brooks Street. If it's more convenient to visit there than the shelter you can take a look at the adult cats in residence at Petco. They will have volunteers on hand during all hours of operation at the store, taking care of them morning, noon and night and who can handle the adoption process for you. Petco is also taking monetary and food donations on behalf of the shelter if you are interested in supporting them that way.

The Humane Society of Western Montana is open 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays at 5930 Highway 93 South, Missoula. Learn more about the shelter and see more animals waiting to be adopted here.

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