We first got wind of this a couple months ago and thought, okay it must be a one-month event.

Then we heard about it again the following month. And again the following...well, you get the idea. We figured it was about time to let the silver ball hit some buzzers and bells and let you know about it, too.

If you love classic arcade pinball, then flip your flippers for this: The March, 2023, Muse Comics & Games pinball tournament is going on all month long, with up to $150 in prizes up for grabs! All skill levels are invited to play, and you can play when it's most convenient for you.

One pinball machine is located in the Muse Comics retail store, 1940 Harve Avenue, near Southgate Mall. Four more machines are in the gaming center next door. You must register a score on all five games during both qualifying play and group play. Once completed, your average ranking will be calculated, with updates posted on the Muse website. You're encouraged to continue playing to improve your scores and ranking.

Cost of entry is the price of each game, which is $1 for one game or $2 for three games. The number of entries is unlimited. And by the way, games are also available for casual play without entering the tournament.

For this month, the qualifying play portion of the tourney runs through March 16, so not a lot of time left to get qualifying. Group play will be held March 17th-31st and the leaderboard scores will be reset once it starts. Those who finish with the top average rankings will win prizes.

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to play. Play whenever it's convenient for you. If you want to avoid bigger crowds, they suggest you play early in the day if possible.

Fun and affordable stuff! Be sure to check the Muse Comics' website Pinball Page for lots more information.

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