I am so excited about this! Archers rejoice, and get ready for the newest archery range for Missoula.

According to a press release, A public archery range at Big Sky Park in Missoula was given the thumbs-up by the Board of County Commissioners recently. With archery season pretty much here I know that archery is top of mind for a lot of people. The range will be at the Big Sky Park near the intersection of Tower Street and Spurgin Road.

This is what the Hellgate Hunters and Anglers site says:

"Archery Range
Hellgate Hunters and Anglers has finalized approval with the city and county of Missoula to build a free public archery range on Spurgin Road behind the Montana FWP offices. With your support, HHA is in the process of cleaning out the parcel of land, establishing the facilities for parking and shooting, and of maintaining the range. Your donation will contribute to every aspect of developing and maintaining the range, including, but not limiting to: paving for the road and parking, fencing, shelter for shooting bays, purchasing and labeling targets, lawn maintenance, etc. HHA thanks you for your support; this range will be a great addition to Missoula's archers and conservationists!" 

You can join here.

Hellgate Hunters & Anglers will be applying for a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shooting range grant in 2018 to start the initial project phase. Missoula County’s Parks, Trails and Open Lands Program will assist with design and other planning work and the group is responsible for fundraising it sounds like.



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