The arts are in a pretty dire place right now. COVID-19 has had a severe impact on just about every industry, but the arts industry has really taken a hit. There's been no live theater for months, which has put thousands across the country out of work. And with the recent announcement that Broadway in New York City wouldn't get to reopen until May 2021, it's clear that the arts won't get back to normal for a long time.

So the Missoula Children's Theatre is calling on the kids to make their voices heard. They've joined a cause called "Be An Arts Hero," and they're encouraging kids, families, and anyone who wants to help to write to their senators and explain why the arts are important to them, and ask the government for a "comprehensive arts relief package." Without it, who knows what could happen to the theater, or to the arts industry as a whole?

It's pretty simple - they even created a template letter for you to follow if you need some assistance in getting started. They're also saying, if you can, to include a piece of art or find a picture of yourself participating in the arts to attach to the letter.

Missoula has such a vibrant arts scene and it's one of my favorite things about the town, so to see places struggling like this is tough. Hopefully, some kind of deal can be made, and the arts will get to live another day. Will you or your family decide to be an #ArtsHero and help out?

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